August 31-September 2 2011

What: International Symposium - Alteration
Where & Who: KTH School of Architecture/SRE In the Making (Read and see more)

September 2-3 2011

What: Start up meeting and reference manifesto workshop
Where & Who: SRE Architecture in the Making.

October 12 2011

What: Seminar - Architectural Values in Renovation Projects
Where & Who: Chalmers Architecture/SRE In the Making.

November 17-18 2011

What: Architecture in Effect: Start-up workshop + Course PhD-level / Advanced level.
Where & Who: KTH School of Architecture/SRE In Effect.

November 28-29 2011

What: International symposium - Computational Design
Where & Who: Chalmers Architecture/Chalmers Area of Advance Built Environment/SRE In the Making.

December 5-6 2011

What: International Seminar - Alteration Technologies
Where & Who: Lund Architecture/SRE In the Making.

December 8-9 2011

What: Lecture and Seminar: Architecture as Material Practice, with Andrew Ballantyne
Where & Who: Chalmers Architecture/SRE In the Making.

December 15-16 2011

What: Architecture in Effect: Start-up workshop + Course PhD-level / Advanced level.
Where & Who: KTH School of Architecture/SRE In Effect.

February 9-10 2012

What: Kick Off for ResArc: Swedish Research School in Architecture.
Where & Who: LTH, Architecture/ResArc
In connection to this event the two SRE's will have environment meetings.
What: Start of ResArc PhD course Tendencies in Architecture Research
Where & Who: LTH, Architecture/ResArc together with SRE Making and Effect.

March 21-23 2012

What: Tendencies course module 2
When: March 21-23
Where: School of Architecture, Lund

Tendencies 2 (pdf)

May 3-4 2012

What: Conference - 'Architectural History and Practices'
Where & Who: Institute for conservation, Göteborg University/Chalmers Architecture/SRE In the Making

May 9-10 2012

What: Tendencies course module 3
When: May 9-10
Where: School of Architecture, Lund

Tendencies 3 (pdf)

May 24-25 2012

What: Experimental Writing Practices Workshop, with Mona Livholts and Jane Rendell
Where & Who: At KTH School of Architecture, by KTH Critical Studies and SRE In Effect

September 26-28 2012

What: Tendencies course module 4
When: September 26-28
Where: School of Architecture, Lund

Tendencies 4 (pdf)

October 11-12 2012

What: Midway Project Presentations: Workshop Seminar
Where & Who: Location TBD / SRE In Effect

November 7-9 2012

What: Approaches course module 1
Where:Chalmers architecture, Gbg

December 5-7 2012

What: Approaches course module 2
Where: Chalmers architecture, Gbg

January 22-24 2013

What: Approaches course module 3
Where: January 22-24, 2013

February 6-8 2013

What: International Symposium Rethinking the Social in Architecture
Where & Who: At Umeå School of Archtiecture, by SRE In Effect

Architecture in Effect

Architecture in Effect: Rethinking the Social in Architecture is critically examining the role and agency of architecture in its cultural and socio-political context, e.g concerning professional roles and education as well as power relations within and of architecture. It engages in current global economical, ecological and socio-political crises and conditions of sustainability, integration, gender equality, welfare and care. The research environment responds to these challenges, and makes a significant contribution to the development of new theories and methodologies for critical interpretations and articulations of architecture. It combines critical theory with methodological and topical perspectives that emphasise the material, spatial and symbolic specificity of architecture. Architecture in Effect is contributing on an international level to the development of new theories and methodologies for furthering a critically and socially engaged architectural research, education and practice. The environment is hosted by KTH, and involves researchers from KTH, Chalmers, LTH and UMU, as well as University of Gothenburg, Södertörn University, and Malmö University. It gathers a unique set of leading national experts in architecture theory, urban studies, architecture history, conservation, landscape planning, cultural geography, sociology, philosophy and the visual arts.

Architecture in Effect structures its research in four program areas defined in relation to particular theoretical problems and methodologies within the field of architectural interpretation: Critical Historiography, Material Conditions, Critical Projections, and Architects in Formation. Effects and articulations of power relations are examined as constituted in the built environment and embedded within the architectural discipline and its societal relations. The environment hosts researchers with defined scientific output demands for concentrated periods of time, and builds a renewed research culture for the field through interdisciplinary dialogue.

More on Architecture in Effect at

Architecture in the Making

Architecture in the Making: Architecture as a Making Discipline and Material Practice forms a research environment and platform to review and develop theories and methods in relation to architectural practice with architectural thinking and making as its point of departure. With the intention to develop theories and methods grounded in the practice of architecture, the built environment is defined as a material culture, and identifies the architectural profession as a making discipline and a material practice, i.e. working and developing knowledge through the formation of artefacts and spaces as well as systems and processes shaping the built environment. From this basic perspective on the field, connecting to sustainable development and the contemporary challenges in the profession, we identify four integrated themes for this research environment: Material mechanisms, Investigative modelling, Alteration and History.

Hosted at Chalmers, the environment gathers researchers from LTH, Chalmers, KTH and UMA together with national and international participants from architectural practice as well as international scholars. The scope of work spans from research-by-design projects to historical studies and from detailed issues of projective practice to questions of policy-making. The research environment initiates and offers funding for research projects and forum activities by senior and junior scholars, as well as supporting post-doctoral and doctoral studies. Particularly the research environment aims to create dialogue and synergies between existing research cultures within the Swedish Schools of Architecture. A particular emphasis is on the creation of fertile interchanges between academia and architectural/engineering practices.

More on Architecture in the Making at

ResArc: Swedish Research School in Architecture

In order to secure a lasting research education of the highest international quality, the Swedish Research School in Architecture will provide an educational programme with courses, seminars, symposia and workshops as pedagogical formats that combine a basic knowledge syllabus with an applicable and communicational approach able to meet current needs. It will work for a learning culture that encourages broad theoretical investigations, in connection with experimental and practice-oriented methods, including a close relationship with the architecture profession.

The school will support architectural researchers', doctoral students' and supervisors' contacts with members of other research disciplines, and representatives of the architectural profession, in order to increase the quality of inter- and trans-disciplinary research. In the long run, the Swedish research school will lay the basis for an integrated communicational approach; in PhD projects, towards international peer-reviewed journals, public debates, specialised thematic publishing, experimental publication forms, and exhibitions.

The research school can be summarised as covering four architecture-specific domains: the future-oriented interpretation of architectural history; the material culture of architecture as a conjoining practice of technological and sociological circumstances; the pro-active investigation into the profession and thus the education of architects; and the generative processes – from design draft to end-user – that enable the creation of built environments.

The thematic content of this research school will continuously be developed in collaboration with the two strong research environments at the Swedish Schools of Architecture: Architecture in the Making: Architecture as a Making Discipline and Material Practice and Architecture in Effect: Rethinking the Social in Architecture. It will also collaborate with other Swedish research schools relevant to the subject of architecture and architectural research, such as: APULA – Architecture and Planning for the Urban Landscape, funded by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; The Design Research School; The Swedish Construction Universities; and the newly started national research school for the visual and performance arts.

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Welcome to apply for ResArc!

Welcome to ResArc
Programme for ResArc Kick Off
Tendencies in Architecture Research
Approaches in Architecture Research (Second ResArc PhD course).